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Avoid Cavities this Halloween

October 28, 2015


Candy to avoid include gummies, caramels and sour candies. They get stuck in the grooves and crevices of the teeth making it hard for saliva to wash them away which leads to tooth decay. Sour candies have a high acidity content, which breaks down tooth enamel.

Swish and Brush!
Make sure they drink plenty of water after eating treats and encourage them to swish the water around in their mouth to help dislodge particles that can get stuck onto tiny teeth. And of course, remind them to brush their teeth before bed!

October is National Dental Hygiene Month

October 13, 2015

Toddler smiling while brushing her teeth

Toddler smiling while brushing her teeth

A healthy smiles means a healthy child. There are four important components to a healthy mouth: BRUSH, FLOSS, RINSE and CHEW.

BRUSH: Brushing for two minutes is the single most important method for reducing plaque, preventing cavities, gingivitis and other plaque-related diseases.

FLOSS: Flossing removes plaque and food bits that cannot be reached by a toothbrush. Not flossing can lead to tooth decay and gum disease.

RINSE: Rinsing with mouth wash is an important tool to help prevent gum disease.

CHEW: Sugar free gum is not recommended for children but in between meals and drinks adults are encouraged to chew sugar free gum to help protect your teeth.

For more information on National Dental Hygiene Month, click here! Do you need to schedule your six month dental visit? Call us today at 760-736-6767.

NEW Program for Kids

October 12, 2015


Does your child struggle to maintain a healthy weight?

Join us to find out how you can help your child live a healthier life today! A series of six monthly classes covering topics of nutrition and physical fitness will be offered in English and Spanish starting in October 2015.

Where: NCHS Mission Mesa Pediatrics
2210 Mesa Drive Suite 300
Oceanside, CA 92054

For more information please call Gloria at (760) 566-1685.

Hábitos Saludables: Noche de Brujas: ¿Quién tiene los pies más rápidos?

October 1, 2015


¡Disfrute con nosotros un día de mucha diversión para toda la familia! ¡Después de la carrera habrá desfile de disfraces para niños, música, comida y más! Todos los participantes registrados recibirán una medalla, su identificación para la maratón y una bolsa de obsequios.

Evento: Maratón o caminata de 5 KM
Cuándo: Domingo, 25 de octubre
Inscripción: 7:30 a. m. a 8:45 a. m.
Horario de inicio de la maratón o caminata de 5 KM: 9:00 a. m.
Horario de inicio de la carrera de mini monstruos: 10:00 a. m.

Lugar: Walnut Grove Park
1950 Sycamore Drive
San Marcos, CA 92069

¡Haga clic aquí para inscribirse!

Lo recaudado de este evento se utilizará para ampliar los servicios de atención médica de niños y familias en NCHS. Para obtener más información y consultar oportunidades de patrocinio, llámenos al (760) 736-8669 o escríbanos a

¡Para mantenerse informado con las novedades de la carrera, síganos en Facebook, Twitter e Instagram! Asegúrese de usar el hashtag #nchs2015 para las fotos del día.

Healthy Habits: Trek or Treat? Who Has the Fastest Feet?


Join us for a spooktacular day of fun for the whole family! After the race there will be a kids costume parade, music, food and more! Every registered runner will receive a medal, running bib and goody bag.

Event: 5K Run Walk
When: Sunday, October 25th
Registration: 7:30am-8:45am
5K Run Walk Start Time: 9:00am
Mini-Monster Dash Start Time: 10:00am

Where: Walnut Grove Park
1950 Sycamore Drive
San Marcos, CA 92069

Click Here to Register!

Proceeds from this event will go to expand health care services for children and families at NCHS! For more information and sponsorship opportunities contact us at (760) 736-8669 or

To keep up to date on race information follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram! Be sure to hashtag day of photos to #nchs2015.

5 On the Go Breakfast Ideas

September 4, 2015

Frozen Whole Wheat Waffle with Peanut Butter

waffle with peanut butter

You don’t have to do all the work for a healthy on the go breakfast! Pick up frozen whole wheat waffles at the store. In the morning toast a waffle or two and spread a serving of peanut butter or nut butter. Top your waffles and peanut butter with raisins, shredded coconut, bananas or any of your favorite fruit!

Fruit Smoothie


Blend berries, spinach, banana, almond milk, soy milk or orange, 1 serving of soy, vegan or whey protein in a blender. Pour into a cup and go! Check out our superfoods smoothie recipe we posted last week!

Energy/Power Bar

energy bar

Running really late? Stock your pantry with some energy or power bars when you just don’t have any time to throw something together.

Fresh Fruit with Nut Butter

apple with peanut butter

An apple or banana with a serving of peanut butter is an easy, nutritious and energy packed on the go breakfast opinion. You can even find single serving nut butter options in most grocery stores.

Overnight Oats

overnight oats

Have a little time in your evenings to prepare for breakfast the next morning? Overnight oats are an easy on the go. Click here for overnight oat recipes!

Banana Nut Muffins

morning glory muffins

Do you have extra time on the weekends or on nights during the week? Plan ahead with banana nut muffins or morning glory muffins packed with carrots, apples and oats!

Eating a Healthy Breakfast – Easy, Healthy Breakfast Foods | NCHS

September 3, 2015

kids eating breakfast

It’s important for adults to eat breakfast to perform at their best each day, but it’s even more important for kids. Kids who eat breakfast are normally in better health. Eating regular meals, especially breakfast, help supports kids growing bodies and developing brains.

Why Is Breakfast Important?

Breakfast literally means to break the fasting period from the night before. This is typically the longest period of time without eating making breakfast one of the most important meals to eat each day. Eating healthy breakfast foods not only gives you energy to start the day but may also be linked to better weight control and improved performance throughout the day.

Breakfast Provides Fiber and Vitamins for a Well-Balanced Diet

Eating a healthy breakfast provides an opportunity for kids and adults to eat fiber and gain additional vitamins. Fiber, which can help control weight and lower cholesterol levels, is found in cereals, oatmeal and whole wheat breads. Breakfast is also an opportunity to feed kids bone building vitamins such as calcium and vitamin D. Kids can get vitamin D from breakfast foods including eggs, fortified cereal, milk and yogurt. Another good reason for kids to eat breakfast is that four out of five kids do not get enough vitamins from lunch and dinner alone.

Eating Breakfast Improves Academic Performance

Studies have shown kids who eat breakfast are less tired in school, test higher and have a greater attention span. Kids who go to school hungry are more distracted in class and in return have more learning difficulties. Also, kids who eat breakfast perform better in their school work and have extra energy for extra curricular activities like sports!

Short on time in the morning? Be sure to check back later this week for easy healthy breakfast ideas on the go!

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