Volunteer Spotlight: Kathy Mayorga

NCHS would like to thank our wonderful volunteers for their support and service within our organization. We are united in our mission to deliver quality healthcare to North County. While we value all of our volunteers, each month we would like to feature one standout volunteer who went above and beyond their duties to help our patients and community. Volunteer opportunities North County San Diego:  click here to learn more! 

Kathy Mayorga_Volunteer Spotlight_July 2015Kathy Mayorga, our Volunteer Spotlight for July, is a Promotora for the Golden Years program and a volunteer nutrition instructor for summer schools in San Marcos. As a Promotora, Kathy provides mental health education and support to people within the community in a culturally competent manner. As a nutrition instructor, she teaches her community how to make healthy diet choices. She develops her lesson plans to be both practical and engaging in order to demonstrate that healthy food can also be delicious.

Currently, Kathy is  pursuing a dual masters in Marriage and Family Therapy and Clinical Counseling. She believes the most rewarding part of this career path is her ability to help patients discover new paths for their lives and at the same time helping them cope constructively with their personal issues.

Kathy is currently enrolled in a medical/mental health internship program at Palomar Medical Center, as well. Throughout her internship experience, she has been able to acquire new experiences within her academic major. “It has been rewarding to have the opportunity interact and touch other people’s lives,” said Kathy, in relation to her internship experiences.

We had an opportunity to sit down with Kathy and ask her a few questions:

Our first question was, what was one of your favorite experiences as a volunteer?

Kathy responded, “One of my favorite experiences as a volunteer was to work with the grandparents and grandchildren in the program. I was able to not only cross the age barrier, but also make the classes interactive and dynamic. The outcomes were very positive. I was able to contribute towards making positive changes in the relationships between the grandparents and the grandchildren.”

Later we asked, what inspires you to teach nutrition to our patients and community?

“By living in a multicultural society today, and being exposed to array of different types of foods, I believe that it is important to learn and understand what it is to eat a well balance diet. I think there is a growing need for awareness of the foods that we eat, since it can affect our health and well-being in many different ways. I believe that eating healthy means eating a variety of foods, though always in moderation,” Kathy stated.

Finally, we asked Kathy something more personal, what’s your favorite healthy food dish or snack to prepare?

“In my culture, we eat a lot of legumes and fruits. Many of our entrees are centered around lentils, garbanzo beans and kidney beans. We often make fresh fruit juices and fruit desserts from scratch. All of these items are low in sugars and saturated fats while being plentiful in vitamins and aiding in digestion.”

Thank you Kathy for volunteering your time here at NCHS!

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